Teeth do not last forever but we still provide you with plenty of options

Though there have been numerous advances in the field of dental science, yet we do know for certain that teeth may not last all the time. However, advancement in dental surgery has made it possible for people to select from many options to replace the missing teeth. These options may be utilized for replacing lost or extracted teeth. These could be anything from implants to bridges to partial dentures and many more.

Try Valplast, a completely new treatment

Among these options, the Valplast flexible partials could be the best possible solution for replacing missing tooth or teeth. This treatment is different from the ridged and unstable dental materials employed. This option is developed from flexible plastic material which fits along your entire mouth with great ease. Being virtually invisible, they may go unnoticed. The best part about this procedure is that it does not need unsightly metal clasps.

Benefits of Valplast

There are many benefits of Valplast. It is a non-invasive treatment that is completely free of monomer. It extends patient comfort and employs superior aesthetics. It is clinically unbreakable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also reduces clinical chair time.

Who should try it out?

The Valplast treatment is an exciting discovery in the dental field. It is best suited for those patients who have lost some teeth. Those requiring a partial denture may benefit from it. So if you have lost or missing teeth then this treatment will help you out. Contact us today to avail help from our professionals who are experts in offering this form of treatment.

What other benefits we offer

We employ a straightforward procedure for creating your Valplast partial denture. After an evaluation by the dentist, we ask for your approval whether this treatment is appropriate for you. Once you approve, the denture is custom designed and your teeth are not altered in any way.

When we provide you with Valplast treatment, then the reaction rates are very low as compared to dentures. Valplast is composed of thermoplastic nylon that comes without any acrylic monomer. Being a completely metal free agent, patients are safe from allergic reactions.

Furthermore, you will also have the option of adding additional teeth to Valplast flexible denture in most of the cases. We provide Valplast flexible dentures with a life time guarantee.

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