We offer same day treatment for Dental Veneer, Dental Crown, or Inlays. Our state-of-the-art CEREC system does it all in just one hour. Because We Care.

The Church Street Dental Practice surgery employs latest innovative technology

What makes The Church Street Dental Practice surgery so unique and the best choice for dental treatments is that it utilizes the latest technological innovations to provide the very best to its clients. The CEREC technology that we employ allows clients to have their new false tooth made and fitted within a short time. This is now possible in the matter of just one hour and it takes only one visit.

The entire treatment in just one visit

CEREC is a revolutionary system that allows our professionals to design, fabricate and fit veneer, new crown, or inlay in just one visit. Otherwise, these same procedures may require at least a fortnight.

Advantages of this CEREC

The three key advantages that patients can gain from this treatment are the convenience, comparable quality, and lower costs. The satisfaction rating among the patients as a result of CEREC is very high. It is the esthetic and functional quality that goes on to affect client satisfaction more than anything else. Who would not want to have a procedure completely carried out in just one visit?

Why opt for us?

The technology that we employ to restore your damaged teeth apart from requiring just one visit also makes your teeth stronger and beautiful in appearance. We ensure that these benefits are provided while keeping the natural look of your teeth. The restoration that we offer is metal-free. Though we use high-grade ceramic material, yet we make sure it is compatible with the tissue in your gums and mouth.

Why opt for us?

By selecting us for your treatment, you need not have a temporary crown placed which means your discomfort is considerably reduced. The materials that we use ensure that the teeth provide natural functions and also match the composition of natural tooth.We bring to you the ultimate in dentistry technology that is also the latest in the digital world. Let us ease your burden with same-day procedures of dental restorations. We make concerted efforts to provide you with the very best as per your specific needs. Do not wait further for dental restorations. Contact us now for further details.

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