Dental Filling

Dental Fillings are the best way to repair or cavity or decayed tooth

Ceramic fillings

Made up of high grade dental ceramic material, this filling is chemically bonded to your tooth. The bonding between the filling and the tooth enhances the strength exponentially. Since dental technicians are responsible for making ceramic fillings, they can be made to have a natural look.

Though not inherently strong as gold, yet the dental ceramic when made to chemically bond with the tooth, yields a very strong union with the natural structure of the tooth. The overall result is always strong. As a result, these fillings can last longer for a considerable number of years. Our dental technicians can make a filing for you that will not only look good but also be undetectable.

Composite fillings

Also called direct fillings, these consist of putty like material that is applied to the tooth in the surgery. These fillings have a complex composition and include a light sensitive component that forms a hard filling material when exposed to high-powered light.

Our dentists will ensure that these fillings have a natural look as they are applied directly into the mouth. They are also the most commonly used filling in dental practice as they are cheap and inexpensive. Backed by strong clinical research they also last a long time.

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