Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist suggested a root canal, most
likely this is your last chance to save your
tooth from extraction

Your teeth can be saved

Have you ever been told that you require tooth extraction? This may be the case at times, but in a majority of the cases, a tooth can be saved. We have a lot of experience providing root canal treatment and our aim is to save your tooth. Thousands of teeth around the UK are saved each year with Root canal treatment.

Advantages of our root canal treatment

Our root canal treatment is aimed not only at saving your precious teeth, but we go way ahead in ensuring that you gain the following advantages:

  • It will allow you to chew more efficiently
  • It will provide you with normal biting force and sensation
  • The natural appearance of your tooth will be enhanced
  • It will protect the rest of the teeth from excessive wear

We guarantee zero pain

When you select us for root canal treatment, you will find that pain is just a myth in such treatments. We have qualified professionals who carry out the treatment under local anaesthetic. This is a painkilling medication that will be numbing the area of the body under treatment. Though at times, it is difficult to anaesthetize teeth, yet our experts know the ways of employing special local anesthetic techniques to ensure that the entire procedure is painless. In this regard, the Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System is employed to ensure client satisfaction.

The entire treatment carried out with sheer professionalism

From taking X-rays of the affected tooth to local anaesthetic to removing the pulp and cleaning and filling the root canal, our experts seal and fix your tooth in the most professional manner.

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