Let us brighten your smile!

Let us brighten your smile!

The Church Street Dental Surgery was founded in 2001, and have built an excellent reputation in delivering beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry. Key to this is having dentists you can trust, and our team has been carefully built to ensure our patients have not only the best treatment outcomes but also a wonderful journey. We aim to reinforce this philosophy everyday. Our work ethic is based on these five principles.

  • To ensure your visit is easy and comfortable
  • To ensure our dentists provide a wide range of options to the patient
  • To ensure our patients are being treated with state of the art equipment
  • To ensure the highest standard of care is being delivered
  • To ensure our patients are happy with the treatment and care delivered

Welcome to The Church Street Dental Practice, where we take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves!

We believe that going to the dentist should be a positive and enjoyable experience, which is why we strive to offer a fun and friendly atmosphere at our practice. Our mission is to make you smile, not just with our top-notch dentistry skills, but also with our approach to patient care.

At The Church Street Dental Practice, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile, and we’re passionate about helping our patients achieve optimal oral health through personalized treatment plans and a little bit of dental humor. We don’t just fix teeth; we build relationships with our patients, and we’re committed to making you feel like a part of our family.

We take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest dental technology and techniques, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible care. But don’t worry, we won’t bore you with technical jargon or lecture you about flossing (okay, maybe a little). Instead, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your individual needs and goals, and we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you’re comfortable and confident in your dental journey.

So, whether you’re a long-time patient or a new face, we welcome you to The Church Street Dental Practice, Let’s make your smile shine!

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Vision & Value

At The Church Street Dental Practice, we’re all about smiles! We envision a world where everyone can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile, and we’re committed to making that a reality for our patients. Our values of trust, honesty, and personalized care guide everything we do, and we strive to create a fun and friendly atmosphere that puts our patients at ease. With a passion for dentistry and a dedication to excellence, we’re the go-to dental practice for top-notch care that makes you smile!

Vision & Value
Our Professional Dental Team
at The Church Street Dental Practice, Marylebone

When it comes to protecting your teeth and gums, our specialists define oral health in the most effective and innovative way that encompasses the latest range of technologies. Not only do we cater to your current dental needs in the most profound manner, but we devise the most efficient strategies that will safeguard your oral health from all sorts of future threats. Whether you require dental implants, a check-up, a natural smile to account for missing teeth, or any other dental condition, we have a comprehensive dental practice to relieve you and help bring a brand new smile onto your face. This is how we make you feel more confident. Equipped with the latest technologies and certified experts, we ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Dr Kabir Singh Bhogal
Principal Dentist & Special Interest in Cosmetic and Advanced Implant Dentist

Dr Kabir Bhogal is a graduate from the University of Debrecen, Hungary…

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Dr Kevita Bains
Principal Dentist & Facial Aesthetic Clinical Lead

Dr Kevita Bains is a Debrecen University, Hungary graduated. Following…

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Dr. Esmaeil Ganjeh Khosravi
Special Interest in Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ganjeh received his qualifications from Gothenburg Royal Dental University…

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Dr. Kartik Datla
Associate Dentist

Dr. Datla received his degree from the Debrecen University, Hungary…

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Dr Lyubov Solosich
Dental Hygienist

Dr Luba Solosich received her qualification in Kiev, Ukraine, then she got her registration with GDC in the UK in 2008…

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Ms. Louise Collins

Louise has had over 27 years’ experience in dentistry, both as an assistant…

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Ali Wasel
Aesthetic Dental Technician

Ali is a creative Technician, and has been working since 2004. He has been…

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