Composite Bonding

The best way to repair a chipped, cracked or discoloured tooth is Composite Bonding

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that gives us the opportunity to hide imperfections in the anterior teeth. Normally we would use this treatment to hide chips, cracks or discolouration.

Am I a good candidate?

As long as you have well aligned healthy teeth and gums, composite bonding is a great treatment for you.
The dentist will do a full assessment and discuss what your treatment goals are. They may recommend a hygiene visit or Enlighten Tooth Whitening prior to starting composite bonding to get the best results

How Long is the Treatment?

Composite Bonding traditionally takes 30 minutes per tooth. Most of the bonding is done in one session, however the dentist will normally give you a second appointment to make any adjustments you might want or complete a final polish.
Patients do not need any “down time” after this treatment, however we do recommend staying away from foods and drinks that cause staining for the first two weeks. This is because the composite will be at its most porous during this time.

What are the risks?

Composite resin is not as a strong as your natural tooth, meaning it is more susceptible to chips, cracks and staining. Regular maintenance with your treating dentist to polish the bonding is recommended however any sudden trauma to the teeth can cause chips. As it is a minimally invasive treatment, it is easy to repair a chip.

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